Basingstoke Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) – Basingstoke Leisure Park

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  • Exterior of the Basingstoke Buzz Bingo (with the previous branding) - Basingstoke Leisure Park

Address and Contact Details:

Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo)
Worting Road
RG22 6PG

Telephone Number: 01256 479200

Club Email:

Basingstoke Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) is a modern purpose built bingo hall offering bingo players the opportunity to play bingo everyday, afternoon and evening, and it regularly runs promotions to give you better value for your money, including free bingo – give them a ring to see when you can grab a chance to play for free.

The club is located near the centre of Basingstoke, it has a bar, diner, and slot machines if you fancy a little spin while you’re waiting for the game to start. There are disabled facilities and over 1,000 car parking spaces are available. Please contact us if you can give us more information on this club’s background or history.

Opening Times:

The club opening hours are as follows. Please note these were correct at the time of publication, but are liable to change so please check with the club before you leave:

  • Monday: 11.00am – 12.00am
  • Tuesday: 11.00am – 12.00am
  • Wednesday: 11.00am – 12.00am
  • Thursday: 11.00am – 12.00am
  • Friday: 12.00pm – 1.00am
  • Saturday: 12.00pm – 1.00am
  • Sunday: 12.00pm – 1.00am

Main Session Times

Listed below are the club’s main session times but are liable to change – confirm with the club first.

Morning Main Afternoon Main Evening Main
Mon 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Tues 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Wed 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Thu 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Fri 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Sat 12.00pm 1.30pm 7.30pm
Sun N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm

We were unable to find a shareable news feed for the Basingstoke Buzz Bingo. If you’re from the club, feel free to contact us if you have news we can share here in the news tab. You can however take a look at the Buzz Bingo Chain’s Facebook Page for national updates.

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7 thoughts on “Basingstoke Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) – Basingstoke Leisure Park

  1. I never thought I would enjoy Gala Bingo as much as I have with my partner and have become a regular attendee. The staff are very friendly, professional and the atmosphere is electric when there is either the Link game or High 5.

  2. Great place to go. The diner’s food is excellent and a very reasonable price. The staff are very professional especially Abi and Annabelle as nothing is too much trouble for them. We don’t often win but have a great time when we go.

  3. Out of date web site, boring looking, not enough upto date info, and when I call on the phone to get up to date news like “is it Xmas bingo this Sunday?”, no-one picks the phone up, so I’m not going to waste my time and go this Sunday.

  4. The staff are rude, there are not enough big tables for people with disabilities. The manager only talks to certain people and the one on the bar with the beard needs to smile. And my birthday is on 24th and I havent received my birthday stuff from them. Bingo callers go too fast.

  5. I visit this club most days/nights and I find the club has gone downhill. The callers they have are poor, most other clubs I go to have one set caller whereas Gala Basingstoke have who ever they can find who are not trained properly. The prize money is very poor: you can never guarantee that the prize money you played for last week is the same this week it often goes down and you will be very lucky if you have one £500 house. Before Gala took over from club 2000 you were guaranteed on a Sunday night 5 x £1000 houses. And, from next week they are changing the afternoons to free bingo: I will not be going, as free bingo attracts people who don’t care and mess around, I will also not be paying to trade up for the same prize money for the free books. This is a ridiculous idea, why would I pay for someone who hasn’t paid? This is clearly not thought over for the real customers who spend a lot of money at the club each week. I find the service I receive from the staff very cold. They are sometimes rude and do not say please or thank you, this makes me feel unwelcome seeing as if I and many others didn’t go these people would not have a job. The service and the food at the dinner is poor. They advertise food that you ask for and to then be told they are not available. I queue up to buy a drink on many occasions to find I’m left standing there till someone remembers there are customers to be served and comes from the kitchen. Although, to end on a positive note some staff are very nice and always talk, I just wish this was the case for the rest. I hope from this, action will be taken sooner rather then later, as there is only so much I can take till I wont be coming again…

  6. I always buy a whizz, but since the changes to this I feel that I am being cheated out on the books I purchase. Managers specials are a joke at almost £30 and if I buy any other package I have to add on all the extras so I wont be getting this anymore. I have even cut down on going to one night a week. Also, why do we have to have a late night link, do the managers know that a lot of people go home after the main session as they dont want the link but want to play it in house to stand any chanch of winning.

  7. WORSE CLUB EVER. I use to go bingo all the time but I don’t want to go back. I won and someone spent my winnings and all they said was I would ring you in the morning. I had to leave empty handed. The staff try to be helpful but don’t really care about anyone apart from people they know. As for the callers, well not much to say it used to be a lovely place to go but now just full of people who steal from others. Sometimes I wonder how they are still open. If you want my opinion go to BJ’s in Reading, more welcoming, more up to date, better money and a better place to be. Gala Basingstoke what a waste of money and time.

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