Avoid Prize Share Disputes With Our Agreement

Following on from the recent posts about big money Bingo prize share disputes, I thought I’d take action myself in an attempt to help UK Bingo players avoid these disputes in future. In the last post I mentioned that maybe the clubs could provide a form that people can could use to formalise the agreement […]

Bingo Caller Of The Year 2007 – Regional Heats

It’s come around again like a shot. The annual competition to find the best Bingo caller in the UK, the NGBA Bingo Caller Of The Year 2007 begins its competitive stages with the regional finals on September the 19th. The first regional heat will be to find the North West winner and take place in […]

Bingo Caller Of The Year 2007 Kicks Off

This month sees the opening of the annual National Bingo Game Association’s Bingo Caller Of The Year competition. Any callers wanting to enter should first check their home club to see if there’s an entry form there. Failing that, the form can be downloaded (PDF) from the National Bingo Game’s site. Here at Playing Bingo, […]

Feature On Bingo Caller Of The Year Finalist Chris McHenry

Well, the clock is ticking to the 2006 Bingo Caller Of The Year Competition, which will be held on Sunday in Surrey Quays Gala. I’d love to be going to do a report, but it’s not possible. Maybe next year I’ll be able too. Anyway, a head of the competition is a local piece from […]

The Million Pound Bingo Prize Con

During the recent spate of reviews I did of online bingo sites, one thing I saw on a few of the sites was a lot of promotion for the big twice weekly £1,000,000 Bingo games. It’s a great prize and it’s certainly great marketing. It caught my attention with big flashy adverts all over the […]

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