A Tale Of Two Bingo Callers

For those of you interested in the art of calling Bingo, we have a double whammy of content to enjoy today. Our regular columnist and the reigning Bingo Caller Of The Year, Brett Hyrjak, is back with his latest piece. It sees him writing about his part in the current competition, where he’s been touring the country as one of the judges. He helped pick the six regional winners who have all gone forward to the grand final. You can read about Brett’s experiences judging the competition here.

One of the callers after Brett’s crown is Robert Willard, the Wales heat winner from the Cwmbran Mecca Bingo. As well as being one of the finalists, he’s also been the caller on all three Mecca Millionaire winning games. Robert got in touch with us following our previous post on him, to correct an error I’d made in the post. I took the opportunity to ask him to do an interview for the site and he kindly agreed. Robert tells us about the thrill of making a Bingo millionaire, his thoughts ahead of the final and how his club was effected by the smoking ban. You can read the full interview with Robert Willard here.

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