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Cheeky Bingo has long been a site with its own unique identity, with its emoji like cheeky characters and logo that have been typical of brand since its launch way back in the mists of time (well, 2006 at least). Given the changes that brands made to remove characters and logos that may appeal to children over the last five years, Cheeky stood out with its colourful characters. But, given the brand’s refresh this week, those characters have been resigned to the dustbin of online bingo history.

Whilst the purple and yellow colour scheme has mostly stayed, the emojis are gone, replaced with a fairly generic looking illustration of a 1960s style advertising lady with C and B earrings and a Cheeky Bingo necklace. That’s about as Cheeky as it gets really, there’s none of the fun that the old characters bought to the site with this new look. Not to be too unkind, the lady that’s now fronting the site looks like a reject from a run-of-the-mill Cozy Bingo site circa 2013. There’s nothing remotely interesting about it, and now the site just fades into the background as an also run as opposed to the stand-out it once was.

Ok, so it’s only the look that’s changed, and for the right reasons, but one can’t feel the brand has missed a trick here. Sadly Olly Muirs has been snapped up by Heart Bingo, but as far as I know Rylan is still out there and not on a bingo site. It would have been a great opportunity to find someone like them who has that cheeky kind of attitude that is now lacking from this frankly uninspiring rebrand.

Thankfully though, the bingo inside the site remains of a relatively high quality. So don’t let the lack of cheek at the site put you off, next time you need a cheeky game of bingo to tide you over till your next time out at your local hall. Visit the site by clicking below.

Play Cheeky Bingo Now!

18+ only, terms & conditions apply. Full Ts and Cs are here.

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