Buzz Balance – A Single Wallet For Retail And Online

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Buzz Bingo have been emailing their members about Buzz Balance, a single wallet solution that allows them to use their funds both online and in their retail clubs. It’s due to launch in the near future, rolling out to clubs in September and October 2020, and is billing itself a secure method to use your funds at either retail or online spaces.

According to Buzz, the new Buzz Balance will make live easier. You can top up at home to use it in the clubs or online. You can use it for you winnings to be paid into and to make purchases from your balance at the clubs, and across both their online site and Bingo Buddy app. Changes are already happening in online players accounts with the way balances are being displayed in users accounts.

Each player will have a single account that combines all the different sources. It will be interesting to see if this causes any issues for players who maybe have different details within the clubs, or online, across touchpads and that, but is a good idea that’s been a long time coming. Of course, you can still withdraw any winnings to cash, we’re still waiting to see detail on how this happens.

It surprising it’s taken this long to see a single wallet solution appear for the chains with enough players to merit the move, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of it in future.

3 thoughts on “Buzz Balance – A Single Wallet For Retail And Online

  1. As a member of Cramlington club now closed I have £32 + on my card I have sent 3 e mails and a letter as instructed to get a refund I am very upset at the lack of response from you
    I have been a member of Gala /Buzz for 30+ years and as a disabled driver have enjoyed the clubs .
    I expect to receive my refund by post as I am unable to visit wallsend not interested in playing on line.
    I await your early reply

    1. Hi Enid, you’ll need to contact Buzz’s online help via the Buzz Bingo website. We’re not Buzz, just reporting on their news.

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