Gambling Commission Cracking Down Further

Gambling Commission

Over the last few months we have seen many changes around the world of online bingo, and online gambling in general. This has been because there have been many changes and stricter expectations of the operators thanks to the Gambling Commission and Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA). We’ve seen everything become more transparent for the consumer and several gambling companies fined heavily for social responsibility failings.

There could be even more changes afoot as in October 2018 new rules from the Gambling Commission come into force and this will mean that gambling companies will be facing tougher action for failings around advertising rules and consumer law breaches.

Gambling Commission Playing Hard Ball

For a long time now we have said that a slap on the wrist from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is not enough to stop some operators breaching CAP and BCAP rules.

There are a number of stand out rulings that we felt were just from the ASA but a ban for the adverts didn’t quite cut the proverbial mustard for us. The new rules will mean that the offending companies could suffer a more severe consequence than having their advert banned AFTER the offending promotion had run.

According to the news from the Gambling Commission website [read it here], the changes will mean the following:

  • It will be easier for the Gambling Commission and other agencies to impose fines and other action against the gambling companies that break the rules – both BCAP and CAP codes.
  • The gambling companies will face action for failing from third parties promoting their brands, affiliates like ourselves.
  • It will be easier and a more speedy process for action to be taken when there have been breaches of consumer law.
  • There will need to be better complaints procedures available to consumers, including a deadline of eight weeks in which the complaints have to be resolved.
  • If a gambling firm is sending spam marketing, emails or texts, action can be taken.

All of the above will come into effect on 31st October 2018 and will no doubt be welcome by players.

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