Four Jumpman Gaming Sites Bite The Dust

For a little while now we have been talking about how bad things have gotten at the Jumpman Gaming sites for bingo. Player numbers have significantly dwindled and at what are peak times on other bingo software platforms, Jumpman struggle to get enough players in for a bingo game to even start!

Things have clearly deteriorated even further with no less than three site closures on the 15 Network and one from the Wheel of Slots Network in as many days! The final one of the closures happened on 29th May with Clucky Bingo being the last of three brands to close their bingo doors and redirect to a Jumpman slots site. Prior to that, on 26th May, Bingo Hombre and Bingo Minions bit the virtual dust, also redirecting to a Jumpman slots site.

Redirects To Jumpman Gaming Slots

Of the four sites that have closed, one we received notification personally from the site owner, one we received an official email and the third was revealed by a visit to the site only. It was on hearing that Bingo Minions and Clucky Bingo were closing that we opted to check the full list of Jumpman Gaming / 15 Network / Wheel of Slots bingo sites and found that Bingo Hombre and Bingo Diaries were redirecting too.

The redirects are as follows:

  • Bingo Diaries to Slots Game Club
  • Bingo Hombre to Slots Game Club
  • Bingo Minions to Jupiter Slots
  • Clucky Bingo to Slots Gold

Closure Email From Bingo Minions

The overall feeling from the email from Bingo Minions was that it was no a decision that they really had any control over. The email states:

The decision to close the site was taken in parallel with the recommendation of our network supplier and with the current UK legislative landscape in mind, bearing in particular the site’s name and design.

Are we set to see more site closures in the not too distant future from the two networks?

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