William Hill Hit With £6.2 Million Fine

Over the last few months we have seen a number of online gambling operators hit with some pretty hefty fines from the Gambling Commission. The largest to date was £7.8 million against 888 but on Tuesday 20th February, the Commission published details of a £6.2 million fine levied against William Hill.

The majority of the fines that have been dished out by the Gambling Commission have been around failures in social responsibility and anti-money laundering. In the case of William Hill, the Commission described those failings as ‘systematic’ and upon reading the examples that are given in the article published on the official website here, you can’t help but wonder how the systems failed so badly.

William Hill Failures Are Costly

The Gambling Commission investigated William Hill and found that between November 2014 and August 2016 that they breached the regulations for social responsibility and anti-money laundering.

They go on to provide a number of examples of the failings and after reading them, it was quite clear that procedures were not followed or simply were not robust enough to ensure that the players were protected. These are just a couple of the examples taken from the article published by the Gambling Commission:

  • A customer who was employed in an accounts department earning just £30,000 a year approximately was able to deposit £654,000 in a nine month period. William Hill failed to communicate with the player to find out where the funds were sourced from.
  • For another customer it was a 14 month period in which he deposits £541,000. William Hill had a verbal conversation with the player and based on this, made the assumption that his potential income would be £365,000 per annum. It transpires that he was earning about £30,000 a year and had been stealing from his employer.

Of the £6.2 million fine that has been levied against William Hill, £1.2 million is being divested to victims of criminal activity of the ten players that were identified. Additionally, if any further failures emerge, any money made from the transactions will also be divested.

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