New Direction For Harry Styles

We all know Harry Styles, member of One Direction, multi-million selling artist, songwriter and actor extraordinaire. He must be one of the most-known men on the planet, and it’s rare for him to be able to go anywhere without being hounded by the paparazzi.

He is also very good friends with Nick Grimshaw, the breakfast DJ from BBC Radio 1. Nick decided Harry needed to get away from the limelight for a while, so took him on a trip to meet some very special people.

Harry Styles – Bingo Caller

Nick whisks Harry off to a nursing home where none of the residents really know him. Whilst Nick sits with the residents, Harry is enlisted to be the bingo caller for the day. In the true tradition of the game, they are playing for a variety of prizes including a handkerchief set, body butter, shower gel and an array of chocolates.

To be fair, Harry does a grand job of calling the numbers and with the help of a list, he even manages to throw in some of the better-known calls such as two little ducks, one fat lady and droopy drawers!

No Glory For Harry Styles

During the afternoon, Nick and Harry keep the residents entertained with one game after another. After each game is won, the winners are asked to take a prize from the table, and one by one they come up, choosing chocolates, shower gel and just about anything else available instead of Harry’s debut album.

The day comes to an end, with everyone looking happy and complimenting him on a job well done. As they are driving home, Harry tries to take some solace in the fact that one lucky gent took the album off his hands, but sadly Nick shoots him down by explaining it was going to be used as a coaster!

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