Advertorials Underfire From ASA

If you haven’t already figured it you, here at Playing Bingo we advertise online bingo sites. We do so by providing our readers details of promotions and various updates on software, new bingo sites and general news from the world of online gaming. In all the years we have been doing this, we have done it with honesty, integrity and first and foremost as players ourselves. Some other advertisers are far less scrupulous as the Advertising Standards Authority recently revealed.

All advertisers are bound by BCAP and CAP codes and face a virtual slap on the wrists if they break the rules. It would seem that some pay no regard to the codes, or have any morals in promoting online gambling.

On Wednesday 13th September there were no less than four rulings published and all referenced one particular advertorial that was promoting four different online gaming companies.

ASA Ban Advertorials From Sky Vegas, Ladbrokes, Casumo And 888

Whilst we accept that the responsibility for these articles has to stop somewhere, without reading every piece of content published by people advertising their brands, how are the operators to police it?

Should they each individual take legal action against the perpetrator? With the exception of Casumo, the operators involved each terminated the accounts of the affiliate involved and insisted the content was removed. Casumo merely reiterated the advertising guidelines, we don’t think that was a punitive enough result.

Understandable Complaints

In total there were 10 complaints about the one article involved and when you read it, you will understand why these were received. Part of the article included text like this but with variations of the site advertised and their associated bonus.

William is also over £130,000 in debt after having to sell the house and continue to pay out of pocket for his wife’s cancer related medical bills their insurance WOULDN’T cover.

William took to Facebook one night in the hospital lobby to update his friends and family on his wife’s health.

A little tired and admittedly a bit depressed, William stumbled upon an ad for Casumo Casino. With little to no money to spend he admits he laughed and almost scrolled past it until he saw they were offering a promotion that would reward him with 200 Free Chances At The Reel King Game which at over £700,000.00 was too hard to pass up.

As was expected, the above content breached several CAP Codes. Four were about social responsibility and two about ensuring that advertorials were clearly marked as such.

All were banned and you can read the rulings for all one the ASA web site here.

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