Was Blighty Bingo Setting A Precedent?

When Blighty Bingo launched back in January 2017 we noticed something a little different in the cashier after we made a deposit. At this point we were informed that we had three days to verify our account [read more here]. This was done by entering either our passport or driving licence number.

A recent news article on the Gambling Commission website tells of how many operators are putting their licences in jeopardy by breaching conditions of their licence. This is linked to failing to meet anti-money laundering (AML) and social responsibility requirements.

Requesting Documents At The Point Of Withdrawal

Unlike Blighty Bingo and a number of other Dragonfish network brands, many bingo, casino, poker and sports betting sites only request identification documents at the point a customer wants to withdraw funds.

As a bingo player, the chances are that this is the only time (prior to the launch of Blighty) that you will have been asked to supply this information.

Because there is little to no engagement with players before this point, there is little demonstration that management of social responsibility or AML is being undertaken.

With each customer being an individual, the level of risk between players vary and as such, this should be the driving force in open communication. A problem gambler could be overlooked just because they have been unlucky and not had the opportunity to request a withdrawal and this not be the case.

Unreasonable Delays In Withdrawing

How many times have your been lucky enough to win a large amount only to be hit with unreasonable delays as the site in questions crosses every t and dots every i in the request for documents.

You only have to read an example of the issues we have suffered in a first withdrawal request to see that often this can take over a week.

Could we be about to see things change and more sites introduce the age verification at the point of first deposit? Even if we do, will we still need to provide a utility bill and front and back scan of our card?

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