Playtech To Clean Up Chat

As bingo players, most of us will have a chat username that we prefer to use but how many times have you registered with a site to find that it isn’t available? The reason for this will often be because you are registering an account on a network site, a network that the chances are you already have an account at.

How many of the bingo accounts you have do you use regularly? Are there some sites that you haven’t visited for a while? Playtech / Virtue Fusion are currently undertaking a chat clean up but not in the way you might be thinking.

Chat Clean Up By Playtech

There are already strict chat rules in place at all bingo sites on the Internet, so when we say Playtech are going to clean up chat, they haven’t employed chat police to ensure no filth is spoken in the rooms!

What they are doing though is freeing up some of the chat usernames and they are doing this by ‘blanking’ names that have not been used for six months or more.

The accounts in question will still be available to the player who owns the account, they will simply have to registered a new chat username when they next login to their account at any of the Playtech / Virtue Fusion sites.

Easy Peasy For Playtech, Not So For Dragonfish Et Al

The reason that Playtech are able to clean up the chat usernames is that when you register with the sites on this platform / network, you have two names. The name that you register with and then the chat username.

At networks like Dragonfish, 15 Network, Cozy Games – you have just one name, and that is the username that you opt for at registration.

So, in summary – if you have accounts at any Playtech / Virtue Fusion site, use it (chat username) or lose it.

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