What’s That Bingo Noise?

Two new bingo sites recently joined the ranks of the many now available on the Internet but a visit to the sites to check out what was on offer revealed something a little different. Different is not always good and in my opinion, the things that set these two brands apart from many others were not improvements.

The brands in question are Pixie Bingo, a site launched on the Dragonfish network that we have opted not to promote for a variety of reasons, and Big Love Bingo on the Live Bingo Network, a brand we will soon provide more details about on our pages. Both have their very own bingo noise but it’s a matter of opinion as to whether it’s a benefit or detriment to the sites in question.

Big Love Bingo Noise

The noise that we describe when landing at Big Love Bingo is Barry Big Love welcoming you to the site in his Barry White booming voice. It was a bit of a shock to say the least, especially considering my volume was up high as I’d been rocking out whilst working. I nearly had a heart attack when a booming voice said

Barry Big Love just loves bingo players so come and join the fun at Big Love Bingo today.

All is said without his lips moving as he bounces a bingo ball in the palm of his hand.

As you scroll down the page, he also articulates various comments shown.

Pixie Bingo Noise

At Pixie Bingo the noise is a little different, it’s a type of lift music that is played to you as you land on the site. Thankfully you don’t have to have the home page open for too long as we couldn’t find an off switch.

It’s quite a cute little jingle but throughout the registration process, it does become a little repetitive.

The question is, is this something we are going to see introduced at more and more sites that launch? If the answer is yes, please shoot me now!

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