Jumpman Gaming Brands Go Offline

At 10pm on Sunday 24th April, it was noted that ALL of the Jumpman Gaming brands were offline, including our very own site Tidy Bingo. It wasn’t just sites on the 15 Network that weren’t available but all brands under the Wheel of Slots hat too.

Some of the sites showed branded holding pages that simply said ‘We are updating the site. We will be back very soon’ and thanked the end user for their patience. Others, like our site, simply had plain text with no branding.

Poor Planning And Execution From Jumpman Gaming

However, what seems to have been an enormous error on the part of the networks is that several sites all showed the branded homepage but not for the brand in question!

For example, as seen in the screenshot below, all of the following sites displayed holding pages for Lights Camera Bingo – free cross marketing for 15 Marketing who own and operate that brand!

Lollipop Bingo - Lights Camera Bingo

Incidentally, whilst each site may have shown their own branded holding page, the browser tab showed the Lights Camera Bingo name on some.

Rocket Bingo - Lights Camera Bingo

15 Network Sites On Jumpman Gaming

  • Bingo Minions (which only launched on Friday 22nd)
  • Dove Bingo
  • Flog It Bingo
  • Scope Bingo

Other errors included:

  • Charming Bingo showing Cherry Bingo branding.
    Clover Bingo showing the old Paddy Bingo branding which could cause issues following the problems with Paddy Power.

Wheel Of Slots Network

Most of the sites on this network showed branded Lights Camera Bingo pages, despite it being a site on a completely different network.

The WSN sites came back online at approximately 10.30am whilst the brands on the 15 Network were still not back online as of 11am.

Whilst we understand that maintenance has to take place in order to ensure that all is well with a site, usually this is planned and players are given warning (alongside the people who own the brands like ourselves). This was not the case in the recent incident with the Jumpman Gaming software.

For the owners of all the brands, including ourselves, affected by the downtime there have been several issues, the most pressing being that our site has been offline for over 12 hours. More worryingly for others, they have been inadvertently advertising a competitor brand for free for all that time!

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