Square Bingo Or April Fool?

A couple of weeks ago details of the impending launch of a new bingo site came to our attention and at first glance, we don’t mind admitting that we were more than a little excited! The name of the brand is Square Bingo and we first heard of it on Twitter on March 18th 2016.

A visit to the domain revealed that Square Bingo was set to launch in April 2016, just two weeks after we heard of the brand for the first time, and suggested that the online bingo world would change forever. Since then we have seen a few tweets from the account, all of which use the hashtag #BeSquare. Today we received notification that the site will launch at midday today – April Fool’s Day!

A conversation with an industry colleague got us thinking, is this actually an April Fool’s prank by someone in the world of online bingo with quite a bit of spare time on their hands?

Be There Or Be Square Bingo!

At midday today, we can pretty much guarantee that several bingo journalists will be sat on the domain of Square Bingo, fingertips poised ready to compile a full review of the product.

The more we think about it, the more it all sounds a little fishy….

Look at the evidence:

  • No company website for CBWFL Media Ltd.
  • The email address on the official press release is a gmail account.
  • The launch of the new product is midday on April Fool’s Day (the cut off point for pranking people).

Press Release From Square Bingo

A lot of effort has gone into the whole thing IF this is an April Fool, just take a look at the Press Release we were sent:

Square Bingo Press Release

After writing a wealth of bingo reviews over the years about the same product over and over again, we were really hoping the Square Bingo was about to shake things up a little.

Midday will reveal the truth, what do you think? Real or April Fool?


Square Bingo is not launching, a visit to the site at midday revealed, as we expected, that the site was just an April Fool.

The people behind the prank, who clearly have more time on their hands than they know what to do with, are Lindar Media, the company behind Circus Bingo, and soon to launch sites Mr Q and Pixie Bingo. The company also own Clover and Charity Bingo but are currently trying to sell the two 15 Network brands.

The page now offers you a bonus code for Circus Bingo and apparently they plan on explaining the reason behind the April Fool later in the month. Is anyone interested?

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