Cardiff Bingo Hall Catches Fire

A fire broke out last week in one of Cardiff’s two Castle Bingo halls. The Cowbridge Road venue caught fire on the first floor and it took six fire engines two hours to bring the blaze under control.

An aerial ladder was requested to help as the building is two stories high, but the fire was under control before 3.a.m. Fire crews remained throughout the night to keep an eye on hotspots.

The blaze has since been confirmed as accidental by the fire service, so hopefully normal business will be resumed as soon as possible once the building has been repaired.

As a local, I thought I’d pop by the next day to check out the damage (armed with a camera and a sense of guilt for having not played at the club for far too long…). The builders were already unloading to start work, but wouldn’t let anyone to peek around.

As you can see below, there is no real external damage, and the windows hadn’t melted, which is a good sign, as shattered windows usually mean the inside of a venue has been literally gutted.

castle bingo Cardiff fire

Castle Bingo is a small, but relatively successful chain mainly located in South Wales with some of the first purpose built bingo halls in the UK. Their two Cardiff locations appear to do well and have survived the recent rash of closures. We do hope that the club gets back on its feet quickly, and wouldn’t be surprised if Castle offer a bus for it’s Canton players to their other location not far away on the other side of the river *wink*.

The club is one of only three left in Cardiff, and despite not being a magnificent example of architecture is nevertheless a bit of a local landmark. Fingers crossed for a speedy return to business as usual. Original article.

One thought on “Cardiff Bingo Hall Catches Fire

  1. came across you by accident shame we cant help get you wider spread ,I have responded to 2 articles here First the Granadaclub pitsea which I was the opening manager in the 70s and I was the opening host at caslle bingo Canton,which you, report as being burnt down,should be re opening soon,I wonder perhaps they might ask, me to open it again,well what do you reckonthey could,I am only 80 you know best wishes to all my many friends ken gamman

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