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Often when we address certain issues around the world of online bingo it can appear that our concerns fall on deaf ears. However, on some occasions these issues are serious enough that the ‘offender’ sits up, takes note and acts quickly to rectify the situation. This is the case with Charity Bingo who have now made all of the missing donations for March, April, May and June.

We’re still not convinced that all is at is should be and there is still the small matter of charitable donations not proven from October 2012 through until December 2013, but at least Charity Bingo have taken aboard the concerns raised and addressed them. It is worth noting though that all of the donations were only made on 30th June 2015, the day our article went live.

There are a few anomalies in the donations listed when compared to those actually made via Just Giving though. September 2014 – £539 was paid to the Cats Protection League yet on the promotional page, as shown below, Charity Bingo claim that this money was raised for Riverside Animal Centre but the donation was just £414. Additionally the home page links still point to the wrong donation pages on Just Giving. It is all very farcical and doesn’t add credibility to the site in our opinion.

Charity Bingo Update

Incidentally, whilst the brand have updated the list of donations, they’ve not bothered with the text on the same page which clearly still lists Keech Hospice as the charity in the text, until 31st December.

Talking of the promotional page, this may have been updated to show the donations that were made on 30th June 2015 but should it really have taken an article by us to make the owners of the site update their page? Surely when your unique selling point is the charitable donations your are supposed to be making on behalf of the players, this level of transparency should be standard rather than when someone takes you to task over it?

There are too many ‘errors’ for our taste and for this reason, we stand by the decision to not actively promote that brand.

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