Parlay Software To Change Hands

Intertain weren’t a particularly well known name in the UK until quite recently when they bought up a number of Gamesys Bingo brands including Jackpot Joy, and now it seems the brand is bent on world domination as it snaps up the Parlay software too! Now the purchase of Gamesys we can understand, it’s a fantastic software package with some real gems like Jackpot Joy using it, but Parlay isn’t that big with UK players and we’ve seen several recent closures.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name then the Parlay software powers smaller, lesser known sites such as Astro Bingo, and since a selection of these sites moved to the G2 Gtech software it has even less appeal.

While you may have once heard of Eyes Down Bingo, M8ts Bingo and Peeps Bingo, where are they all now? We can confirm that each of them is now a closed and defunct site, and overall we can name more brands from Parlay that are gone than those still running.

Of course we’re not privy to Intertain’s plans for the future, but the Parlay software in its current form is not popular with UK players and Intertain could find that out to its peril.

In bingo terms the cash paid is a drop in the ocean really, £1.5 million and for that Intertain also get the domain, something that may well be the most valuable part of the deal overall!

It’s unlikely we’ve heard the last of Intertain’s investment as they scoop up several smaller software packages, and those in the industry may well be wondering who’s next.

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