Game Village Is More Royston Vasey In New Advert

We love a good bingo ad here at Playing Bingo so when we heard that Game Village had launched their first ever ad campaign we were keen to see it! With a take on the ‘village’ part of the name the ad is located in the real ‘Game Village’, but we found it more Royston Vasey than bingo heaven and we think we need a sit down to recover! If you never watched the comedy show League Of Gentleman you’ll have to take our word on the Royston Vasey thing!

If you were wondering what language they speak at Game Village it’s Bingo Lingo, and this seems to be the entire premise for this annoying, poorly made advert!

The ad starts in a quintessentially English village, and not the kind of place that we think would be associated with a Cozy Games site. Old cottages, a trickling stream and a lovely stone bridge summon up thoughts of peace and idyll, but don’t worry you won’t get too relaxed as the voiceover is a gobby Northern city type who sounds so out of place over the top of this beautiful backdrop it’s jarring. He goes on to tell us that at Game Village everyone speaks Bingo Lingo where it cuts to two women chatting in the kitchen using bingo calls in the way that Eastenders use Cockney rhyming slang. The kitchen scene is wooden, and awful.

Don’t take our word for it, you can watch the ad here and make your own mind up:

We have to say that this advert could not do less to make us want to play at Game Village, it’s absolutely awful! Besides anything else, bingo is a vibrant game, associated with flashing lights and bingo calls, not an idyllic babbling brook and retirement central. We’re not sure what Game Village were thinking of, but they really should think again!

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