Hunky Bingo, What Were They Thinking?

As a woman in an industry predominantly run by men but one whose game is played most by women, I often find myself REALLY annoyed with the chauvinistic approach to bingo from some sectors. You’ll often find me ranting about how infuriating it is to be offered hoovers or kitchen appliances as the main prize in a promotion. You can imagine then exactly how I reacted to the launch of a new bingo site called Hunky Bingo!

Clearly the person who invested in the domain Hunky Bingo is a bloke and obviously he would have patted himself firmly on the back, congratulating himself on how much money he will make by offering a brand that features semi clad men. Rubbing his hands together and counting the pound signs that his imagination has conjured up about a brand he believes will attract all the bingo playing women.

Don’t get me wrong, remove the scantily clad blokes all showing their six packs and guns and the design of the site is ok but who exactly are they hoping to appeal to by offering a hunk a day in your inbox?

It could just be that at 45 I’m really not into looking at 20 something year old blokes showing a bit of nipple or it could be that I speak for many a woman when I say I don’t want it with my bingo.

When all is said and done though, Hunky Bingo is just another skin on the Dragonfish network with one standalone room and a few exclusive promotions, mainly focused on said semi-naked blokes. It’s never going to reach the same popularity as the likes of Foxy Bingo and it may only be me that it has incensed by it’s launch, but the gaming experience as a whole cant be faulted because when you step through the virtual doors – the hunks disappear.

What do you think of the new site Hunky Bingo? Will you be rushing to play at the site and signing up to receive blokes in your inbox daily?

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