Lady Luck Turns Up In Leeds

If you are a regular bingo player, and you can do a bit of maths, you will know that the money you spend over the years combined with the chances of winning mean that the average player is in deficit over the long term. A night at the bingo is a night out, a bit of fun and socialisation, with the vain hope that one night Lady Luck will smile upon you (even though she always seems to smile upon someone else). Nothing can change this.

Still, despite this, players persist players in adorning their booths with lucky charms, or carrying them in their pockets, around their necks, or the old favourite, the lucky pen. Buying more books does help narrow the odds, despite the random nature of the bingo balls, but there are only so many cards you can mark of at a time, which is why many players frown upon the automatic marking of eBingo.

So, unless you fork out a load of cash on eBingo, you’re only weapon in the war against the odds really is the lucky charm. And the charm really worked for one lucky lady who scooped 250K on The National Bingo Game at Mecca Bingo Mayfair club in Leeds, and as it was the free paper January Jackpot Joy ticket she didn’t even pay for her ticket.

Try and tell her it wasn’t her lucky felt tip that did did the job, and she will probably laugh at you bearing in mind it was the first time she’d used it as she usually plays eBingo. Like many players, her and her sister never dreamt that they would hit the jackpot, which is nice to hear, as it shows that people really do go to the bingo for the ‘craic’, not just the money.

It’s also nice to hear that the win came at a good time, as the lucky lady had recently been made redundant, and was obviously a bit worried about her cash flow. 250K is not going to lead to a lifestyle of yachts and champagne, although it will certainly take the edge off things. The anonymous lucky winner will be sharing the prize with her sister who regularly plays with her at the club.

So a share of the winning cuts the amount down again, but her life will be improved, and at the of 56 she is going to learn to drive (lets hope she doesn’t spend half of her winnings on that, it’s not cheap these days!). She also intends to buy a new car, and do a bit of traveling around the UK with her sister. Congratulations to the anonymous winner and her sister, we hope they enjoy their travels.

Do you have a lucky charm, has it ever worked? If you have a real rabbit’s foot or other charm, please lets us know, as we like to think we know a lot about bingo, so we’d love to create a list of charms, from the cute and furry, right through to the bizarre. Please let us know what your charm is by leaving a comment below.

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