Paddy McGuinness Plays Take Me Out Bingo

You may well know that Jackpot Joy have a unique bingo game themed around the popular ITV dating show, Take Me Out. What you may not know that on Saturday night bingo was used by Paddy McGuinness to introduce the single men who are the main focus of the show. It was in January 2014 that we saw Take Me Out Bingo launched at Jackpot Joy, some five years after the pilot show of the program first aired.

Paddy is the host of the popular program and is well known for an array of catchphrases that he uses throughout the show. Catchphrases like ‘No likey, no lighty’ and ‘If you’re turned off, turn off’ as well as ‘Let the (object) see the (object). On Saturday 10th January, the latter had a bingo theme.

When introducing the first contestant Paddy suggested a game of Take Me Out bingo (no reference to Jackpot Joy though) and then, just before the single man revealed himself (not literally!), a bingo ball was produced and we were treated to Paddy’s unique bingo calls. He refers to the game as Dating Bingo.

Throughout the show, these are the calls that we heard:

  • Before single man number one, 62. His bingo call was six and two, let the tickety see the boo. What he doesn’t know is that there is actually a brand called Tickety Boo Bingo [read the review here].
  • Before single man number two, 4. His bingo call was let the knock see the door.
  • Before single man number three, 44. Paddy used bingo call ‘Let the droopy see the drawers’.
  • Finally, before single man number four, 30 and his bingo call was ‘Let the dirty see the gerty’.

Matches were made, dates in Fernando’s but for bingo, the only free plug and even that was tenuous, was for Tickety Boo Bingo rather than Jackpot Joy.

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