Bingo Withdrawals – Why The Headache?

When I first started playing bingo online the withdrawal process came as a bit of a shock when I was in a position to actually cash out. Although this was some 10 years ago, I still remember the experience quite clearly. I’d deposited £10 at a site, one that has long since closed, played a little bingo and then spun in a win of £100 on a slot game. I was ecstatic and instantly went to withdraw rubbing my hands with glee and already spending the money in my head. I’d not met wagering requirements, it was flowed back to my account and I spent it up trying to meet the wagering requirements.

For me winning at bingo should be exciting and being able to withdraw your money should be an easy process. Sadly this is often not the case and can prove to be more than a little bit frustrating, even for the player who has been around for a while like me.

Two recent events prompted the writing of this article. A withdrawal from Kitty Bingo and then one from Butlers Bingo, neither of which went smoothly if I am honest. Before I start, I would like to clarify that the money from Kitty is now in my bank and the Butlers Bingo arrived on 30th September. From the point of withdrawal to reaching my bank for both withdrawals, the whole process took no more than nine days.

My issue is with the process as a whole rather than just the two sites I have mentioned and although it only has to be done once at any given site (unless you change address or credit card details), in my opinion it takes away the excitement of the win, urinates on your fireworks if you pardon the expression.

There are a number of things to consider when you are lucky enough to be in a position to consider a withdrawal:

1. Are all the details on your account correct?

For example, have you moved house recently? Is your name on the account the same as that one your card (i.e Nickie / Nicola)? If these don’t all tally with the documentation that you will be required to submit for a first withdrawal, you may have issues.

2. Have you met the wagering requirements of any bonuses you have accepted?

Wagering requirements vary from site to site. Some stipulate that wagering MUST be met before withdrawal whilst others will see you forfeit any bonuses remaining in your account. Usually this information is clearly available in the Terms and Conditions of the site.

3. Can you easily scan, photocopy, photograph the relevant ID that will be required? Do you have photographic ID like a driving licence or passport?

The usual request for withdrawals (but it varies from site to site) is for your Passport or Driving Licence and a recent utility bill. Other forms of ID can be requested including the front and back of your debit card. Whilst this may be a little concerning, it is common practice to prevent money laundering.

All of the above I was well aware of when withdrawing from the two sites recently and I’m not quite as frustrated as I was as a newbie. I remember thinking, and have done on several occasions, you don’t want to check me out BEFORE I deposit and will take my money in far less than a week, instantly for a deposit. Why then is the withdrawal process such a headache?

We can’t change the requirements when withdrawing from a site for the first time, maybe technological advances will in time, so we have to suck it up really. I just wish that it didn’t seem like such a battle to get your money in the first place. It really takes the euphoric edge off of winning don’t you think?

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