Gala Bingo Break Bingo Balls Record

Gala Bingo have got themselves in the the Guiness Book of Records by playing a game of bingo with the biggest set of bingo balls in the world. The set of 90 balls was custom made for Gala Bingo who were using the event to raise awareness for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (M.C.A.C.) which aims to build build a culture where embarrassment does not prevent men from addressing problems with intimate parts of their bodies.

The event was staged on the set of Coronation Street in Manchester, and had a tie-in with the launch of Gala’s ‘Corrie Bouncy Balls’, their new online bingo game. The game was attended on the 18th July by a group of lucky winners who won seats at the game by playing online at Gala Bingo.

The promotion was also attended by Coronation Street past stars Steven Arnold (Ashley Peacock), Sherrie Hewson (Maureen Webster), Adam Rickitt (Nick Tilsley), and Shobna Gulati (Sunita Alahan). We’re surprised that Antony Cotton wasn’t there, as he’s got a history with bingo, and even gets up to call on occasion.

The event raised £10,000 for M.C.A.C. and the theme of balls which some people may have missed out on was a bit of a double up, as the set were not just there to promote Gala’s new game, but to draw awareness to testicular cancer. There was a representative from Guiness World Records to ensure that the balls were big enough to qualify for a record.

Well done to Gala bingo for supporting such a good cause. All types of cancer campaigns are supported by bingo companies, but male specific cancers do not get the visibility that female ones do, and men are less likely to visit the doctors, so hopefully turning balls into a figure of fun rather than a source of embarrassment may get the message across. Original article.

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