Sugar Bingo – A Tasty New Treat?

With our ears to the ground we often hear of new bingo sites a few weeks before they actually open their doors to players and the latest name on the jungle drums is Sugar Bingo. Question is though; will it be a tasty treat? Little is known about the new site other than it will be compatible with your mobile device and will have a food them – not too dissimilar to Tasty Bingo then.

A little more digging and we found that Sugar Bingo is registered to Tarco Ltd / NewCo Entertainment Ltd – the names behind United Bingo sites like Robin Hood, Moon, Polo and others. Visit the domain at the moment and you’ll find a holding page with the logo taking pride of place – a logo that certainly looks appetising. Let’s just hope the brand delivers.

Of course we’ve seen this scenario a hundred times before with the Dragonfish network; we get all excited about a new brand opening only to find that it is exactly the same as the other brands from the same company, just with a different lick of virtual paint. When you look at Robin Hood and the other brands under the United Bingo hat you can probably understand why we aren’t waxing lyrical about Sugar Bingo and its imminent launch – chances are we will have seen it all before and we will struggle to say anything positive about the brand.

For us it will simply mean a review of another brand and then constant amendments to the bonus pages here at Playing Bingo because United Bingo are well known for their regular bonus changes in an attempt to attract new players.

If we’re right in our assumptions then for us it will be a little nibble at Sugar Bingo and then onto something else.

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