Bingo 7 Joins 15 Network

Following closely on the heels of the 13th brand to launch on 15 Network, Bingo 7 opened it’s virtual doors to players just a couple of days ago. However, whilst the site itself has only been open a few days, the social media activity for this new brand has been happening since November with a selection of giveaways helping to hype up the new brand.

But is it really a ‘new’ bingo site? The reason we ask this question is that there has been a previous brand with the name Bingo 9 whose logo is the same as that used by Bingo 7, save for the number. Bingo 9 is now closed but when it was available to players, it used the Play N Go software. Also, why Bingo 7? Bingo 9 we could understand – cloud nine. Maybe the new site is going for “seventh heaven”?

The brand is owned by Together Enterprises Limited. The two brands that were both on Play N Go under Excess Affiliates were Zoom Bingo and Bingo 9. However closely the logos are matched, we could find no evidence of a link between the two brands.

Logo Comparison - Bingo 9 and 7
Logo Comparison – Bingo 9 and 7

We registered with Bingo 7 in order to compile the review for our pages and whilst it’s the same as all of the other brands on the network, they have made a bit of an effort to stand out with their own blog. Although content is quite limited on it at the moment, we hope they continue with it going forward.

Sadly, at this point in time, the promotions are network standard with no exclusive deals as yet listed on the site. However, the brand is still new and this could change over the next few weeks. A site to watch over the next few months we think.

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