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As our readers will know on some occasions I like to visit our local bingo hall, this is the Mecca Bingo hall in York. As it is quite a trek, my friends and I usually travel by car which means using the parking facilities at the club. A recent news article caught my eye in the Scunthorpe Telegraph because it mentioned the parking at a Gala Bingo club and how a player had been fined a massive £85!

Reading the story I couldn’t help but notice the likeness to my most recent visit to the Mecca club in York. Although we don’t go often, previously it had simply been a case of park the car, go into the hall, buy your tickets and play the game. However, my husband had noticed that there were numerous signs in the club advertising the new parking system and how your car registration had to be entered into a keypad as you entered the club.

This he did and that was the end of the matter, we played bingo, he won £100 and we went home. However, for Melanie Morris this was not the case following a visit to the Winterton Road Gala Bingo hall in Scunthorpe on 17th November.

A couple of months after her visit she received a letter from a London firm demanding that she pay £85 because her car had been in the car park but not registered to a patron of the Gala Bingo hall. It turns out that despite notices going up in the club 10 days prior to the implementation of the changes and stage announcements being made at regular intervals, Miss Morris was not aware that she had to register her car and as such received the fine. (Read the full story here).

Now whilst this is all very frustrating for the customer in question, judging by how well the Mecca Bingo club I frequent made their patrons aware of the changes, I doubt that the Gala Bingo club in Scunthorpe would have done any less.

Miss Morris even says that she posted on a social media site about the fine and found four others had suffered a similar fate. These numbers alone would suggest that they are in the minority which indicates ‘user error’ rather than the Gala Bingo club being at fault in my opinion!

3 thoughts on “Changes To Bingo Club Parking

  1. You obviously have something against Gala don’t you? you never mention them, & when you do its always negative couple of examples, You mention corrie bingo @ mecca i.e. a charity event like they have an official partnership with Mecca they don’t gala do, linking this story of you playing bingo to a gala club? really!! reading all the other ‘stories’ about gala makes me think think you have it in for them, did they miss your claim once? or did you get sacked by them for being piss poor? most likely,as is most likely you wont publish this! less biased reporting please!

  2. Freddie, one can only assume you work for Gala or have some vested interest. Just a cursory search will show that we have run many a positive piece on Gala Bingo. Not only have we previously had a monthly column by a Gala Bingo caller of the year, but we regularly feature their promotions and all sorts and praise them when it’s due.

    As an impartial source we cover both good and bad. I’ve rarely played at Gala, and when I do shout, they hear me from the street. As an ex-bingo caller I know the importance of a good shout, and as such have never missed a game. You can check here if you don’t believe we give Gala a fair shake:

  3. Freddie,

    I’d like to take the time to comment too, as the author of this particular article. Did you actually read the whole article? If you had of done you would have noted that actually I felt that Gala had received bad publicity from other sources for an incident that was quite clearly ‘user error’ rather than the clubs fault.

    Mecca was mentioned because sadly Gala don’t have a club within decent travelling distance of my home so my experience of a similar parking incident was at their hall.

    As for having a personal vendetta against Gala, far from it. My husband actually won over £26,000 playing at the Gala Bingo club in Woking a few years ago.

    You clearly have not read every piece of content we have ever written about Gala Bingo and all you have succeeded in doing is making yourself look a fool.


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