Dudley Mecca Bingo Christmas Hospital Appeal

For most of us, Christmas is all about the children, if you don’t have them you won’t know what I mean, but if you do, you certainly will. The Nativity play, presents, the constant haranguing every time you walk into a supermarket, where there’s something to entice the kids at the end of every aisle (oh, and the joy of Xmas day of course).

Whether you believe in the religious aspect of it or not, it is good to have a time of year where you can do something for those less fortunate than yourselves. Mecca Bingo in Dudley are doing just that by launching a Christmas appeal to buy presents for the children of Russells Hall Hospital.

There is a Christmas tree in the club, and patrons are being asked to take one of the gift tags (or more) on it, buy a present, and return the present with the gift tag to the club by Friday December the 20th. The presents will then be delivered on Christmas morning to any children unfortunate enough to be spending their Christmas in the hospital.

It must be hard when thinking of who to support when it comes to charitable causes, because there are so many of them out there that really need help, especially with the way the economy and the job market is at the moment. The line between being an adult and a child is a strange one, as really speaking, all us ‘adults’ are basically older children, the main difference being that we are more acutely aware of who we are. So for children who are not worldly wise, the big thing about any form of misfortune is the confusion that arises, because they don’t yet understand that basically ‘life is unfair’, which is probably why child charity boxes are probably the hardest to avoid. Not that I avoid the ‘boxes’, but with so much coming through the letter box every day you simply can’t give to them all.

Unfortunately you have to make choices when it comes to which box you put into, either that, or it’s first come first served basis, then it’s ‘sorry, but, I’ve already given today’. Whatever the approach, we applaud Mecca Bingo in Dudley for helping a cause that is close to many people’s hearts, and we’re hoping that it will put a lot of smiles on a lot of little faces on Christmas morning. Well done Natalie Holland, manager of Mecca Dudley. Original article.

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