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Yesterday my telephone pinged with a message from We Want Bingo, a brand that I signed up to a while ago to review. I usually delete this type of text but being told that I had up to £1,000 free in my account certainly piqued my interest! Off I went to the URL shown in the text to claim the money but a little sceptical as to how FREE it was actually going to be.

When I landed at the page at We Want Bingo I had to enter the code provided in the text, for me this was 1KFR33. I did this but it took me to a registration page! I already have an account with the brand; surely this is how they got my mobile number and name? I logged in to my account, no free money!

The text that I received actually says the following:

Nicola, we put up to £1,000 FREE in an account just for you! Claim now by going to wewantbingo.com/free & enter the code 1KFR33, no deposit required, enjoy!

Had I chosen to register another account with We Want Bingo then I would be in breach of their Terms and Conditions which state that only one account is allowed per person yet this company have got my details from somewhere. If the offer is only available to players who don’t have an account then where have my details come from? I can prove that my mobile number is not on my account with the brand, nor has it ever been as per the screenshot below:

Screenshot from My Account section
Screenshot from My Account section of We Want Bingo

Of course I have had to blank out some of my information for security purposes but these are the only details available on my account.

Spam! I don’t like it by email and I detest it by text. We Want Bingo – I bloody well don’t want YOUR bingo spam texts! Has anyone else been suffering the same?

One thought on “We Want Bingo Free Text

  1. I think they’re just spamming people.

    I have nothing whatsoever to do with wewantbingo yet I got the message:

    nicola,I put FREE Money in your acct this week, have you used it yet? Want more? Enter BF35 & deposit just £10 to get £45 to play with! Tony UrLogin=nikkiste13

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