Sun Bingo Mobile – Now You See It, Now You Don’t

With so many mobile bingo sites launching, we’re always keeping our eye on who will be next. Last week we noticed a ‘now for mobile’ banner at Sun Bingo, so we were excited to try out the newest offering, and finally try out the Gamesys software for mobile.

However, when we tried to access the site from an iPhone this week, we discovered there was no bingo, and the ‘now for mobile’ banner has disappeared from the Sun Bingo website. You can still access the site from your mobile phone or tablet. There’s no app to download, but the mobile version is laid out slightly differently to the desktop version. There’s no doubt you’re at Sun Bingo, the branding is strong throughout, it’s just a shame that bingo doesn’t make a single appearance.

The good news is that you can access a handful of mini-games from your mobile phone; if you like to play games such as Double Bubble, Valley of the Kings, Red Carpet Richez and Sun Winning Headlines, then you can now play them from your mobile, but the bingo client is not available.

Now we’re not sure whether there was bingo when they advertised the launch last week, and whether that bingo has been removed, but it’s definitely not available at the moment, leaving Gamesys lagging further behind again in a mobile market that is growing quickly.

We’ll be watching with interest to see if a mobile bingo client is to follow, and whether Sun Bingo will finally launch the full site for mobile customers, but until then, unless you wish to play side games, you’re stuck at your desk!

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