Bingo Godz – Who Are They?

Bingo Godz

Bingo Godz
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Bingo Godz is a brand set to launch very soon and whilst we know we is behind the brand and why all the excitement about the impending launch, who are the Godz? We’d heard that this new site are set to integrate some of the best aspects of social gaming into their site, aspects that work for games like Bingo Blitz and the Godz are relevant to this.

There are ’36 magnificent Godz to collect, each with its own awesome ability’ the ‘How To Play’ at the site says. A page is dedicated to explaining how you collet the Godz, why you should collect then, what the different worlds mean etc. and it all sounds interesting.

p>To summarise, and not to spoil it for you, there are six different worlds each with six different Godz. Collecting a God is done when you have purchased enough tickets in the game when one appears. You receive a reward of free ticket, bigger prizes or extra bonus AND add that God to your Bingo Godz collection.

To progress onto a new world you have to collect all six Godz in the current world you are playing in. The six worlds are Greek, Easter, Egyptian, Norse, Tiki and Space. The more worlds that you complete, the higher the prizes will become.

There is certainly going to be more to the site than just your average ‘pick a room and play’ and the operators are certainly hoping that the Godz are enough to keep you coming back for more. At the moment it’s a case of wait and see but rumours are that the site could be open sooner than the expected September launch

We’ve downloaded the app and have been able to access the rooms but not buy tickets as yet so here are a couple of screen shots.

Bingo Godz – Lobby

Flame Of Athens – Greek World

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