Big Brother Bingo, You Have Been Evicted!

There are a number of online bingo brands on the Internet that have links with magazines, newspapers and of late, television programs. Most, if not all, with offline connections use this opportunity to sell their wares but it would appear this is not the case when it comes to Big Brother Bingo.

Big Brother Bingo appears to have been evicted from the advertising slots and the beginning and end of the commercial breaks in favour of Supercasino. However, as we mentioned in a previous article, this is not the only disconnection between the bingo site and the television program.

I have to admit to not being a Big Brother fan but when flicking through the channels, I sometimes linger a little longer than required to see what the housemates are up to. It was during one such channel-hopping incident that I noticed the lack of Big Brother Bingo promotion but instead a sponsorship by Supercasino!

My last visit to their bingo site had me asking if the site was up for eviction from the 888 portfolio of sites (read article here) and from the advertising during the Big Brother show, this would seem to be the case. The site is no longer offering eviction tickets as prizes; it’s just become a mirror image of other brands on the Joy of Bingo network with the promotional games and offers.

It looks like Big Brother Bingo is going the way of the actual program with viewing figures substantially less than they once were.

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