Is The Better Bingo Network Disbanding?

Over the last couple of days we have received numerous notifications from brands on the Better Bingo Network talking of their impending closure. Each that we have received tells of the final day of opening being 16th July but none have explained the reason behind the closure.

We have dropped Newcastle Marketing Services Ltd, the company who operate the Better Bingo Network, an email but are currently awaiting a response as to what exactly is happening. In the interim we are left to put two and two together and come up with five.

It would appear that Newcastle Marketing Services Ltd are now Bede Gaming and with the change, the likelihood is that the brands that are closing may well reappear using Bede’s ‘proprietary bingo’. Tea and Bingo, one of the BBN sites has already told of their re-launch in their closure email stating ‘The site will re-open on new software’.

Interestingly the new site set to launch in September 2012, Bingo Godz, is reported to be launching on the Bede Gaming software (read more about Bingo Godz here). If we are right in our supposition, which will come first – the standalone Bingo Godz or the networked brands using the product?

At the moment this really is all a guessing game with no confirmation that this is what is going to happen at all. However, all the arrows point to this conclusion and with no confirmation or denial, we are happy to share our theories with our readers.

As soon as we know more we will update our bingo news section.

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