Foxy Mugs Off Rylan

Last night’s episode of Celebrity Juice saw Foxy accused of mugging Rylan Clark, a claim that the loveable mascot of online bingo brand Foxy Bingo, vehemently denies on his Facebook Wall today. About ten minutes into the show hosted by Keith Lemon asks Rylan about a story where he was once mugged by a fox.

Rylan then goes on to tell the tale of how, whilst walking home drunk one evening he came across a fox on a wall. Trying to scare the fox away he hissed at it and stomped his foot but the animal didn’t flinch. At this point Keith Lemon does an impression of the fox trying to mug Rylan – ‘Give me your ****ing money’…

The fox slid down the wall ‘ proper sly’ and then walked towards Rylan and pounced. In fright Rylan jumped back and as he did so he dropped his wallet which the fox then took in his mouth and ran off with.

The next morning he has to call the police, again Keith Lemon interjects and it is at this points asks ‘Did you have to give a description of the mugger? It looked like him off that bingo ad!’ A picture of the mascot from Foxy Bingo is then shown!

It’s a funny minute or so, one of many on Celebrity Juice but for Foxy Bingo, it’s free advertising and you can’t get better than that! It just goes to show, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

If you want to watch the clip you can do so on the ITV player for the next 21 days, remember, you are watching from 9 minutes and 41 seconds if you want to catch the Foxy Bingo mention:

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