Emma Bunton Wins Mum Of The Year At Foxy Bingo

Just a couple of weeks we were bringing you the news that Foxy Bingo were about to decide their Celebrity Mum of the Year title and what a shortlist it was. There was a lot of competition, but the winner has now been announced and Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls fame is this year’s Celebrity Mum of the Year!

It’s a fantastic title and what an honour, beating off competition such as Adele, singer of Skyfall and general diva, Amanda Holden of Britain’s Got Talent, Holly Willoughby from This Morning and even her old bandmate Posh Spice for the title from Foxy Bingo.

Emma Bunton is quoted as saying she is honoured to collect the accolade and we’re sure she is too. Let’s hope the title brings less controversy than last year’s winner Stacy Solomon who saw her award go up in smoke, so to speak.

We’ve had many celebrities, year after year and the Celebrity Mum of the Year Award from Foxy Bingo is becoming quite a thing. However, before any celebs time their pregnancies hoping to grab the 2014 award, we think this one is a one horse race, even though the person in question hasn’t even had a baby yet.

In fact, we are so confident of next year’s winner, that we are going to predict right now, one year in advance that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge will be the 2014, Foxy Bingo Mum of the Year. You heard it here first!

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