Eyes Down – The Story Of Bingo

The game we love to play online has a rich history and this week, BBC 4 is to look into the history of the game we all love in what is promising to be an exciting documentary. Now it’s easy to play bingo online, or even from your mobile phone and for over 50 years you’ve been able to head to bingo halls and enjoy the game. However, bingo goes back much further than that, as this documentary aims to show.

Eyes Down – The Story of Bingo will air at 9pm on BBC4 tonight and will look at the glorious game. Football is probably the UK’s most popular sport, and it has the same shaped balls, but it’s said that more people play bingo in the UK than watch professional football, or even go to church.

Originally played in churches, to raise money for repairs, by the 1960s bingo had become a national pastime. There were concerns about moral decline and encouraging gambling, but nothing was going to stop the blue rinse brigade getting their weekly excitement at their local Gala Bingo hall.

Of course now, the demographics and the game have changed again. Today you are more likely to log onto Gala Bingo online than go down the bingo hall, but the game itself hasn’t changed and it remains as popular, if not more so than it ever was.

If you’re interested in the history of the beautiful and popular game, then tune in tonight to Eyes Down – The Story of Bingo and see where the game got to where it is today.

You can read an interview with Dr Carolyn Downs, a bingo historian here.

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