Money Saver Visits Bingo Hall

Money Saving expert Martin Lewis of Breakfast TV fame recently visited Point Bingo in Bracknell? So, why was the money saving guru visiting a bingo hall? Was he out scouting for the best in bingo promotions? Was he merely doing what the other patrons were, enjoying a casual flutter? Or was he up to something else?

Martin Lewis never does anything casually, he is a great example of today’s busy celebrities, never missing an opportunity, the wheels of promotion constantly in motion. The good thing about Martin is that he genuinely does appear to be on the side of the ‘little guy’. Of course he makes more than a few quid, and is probably not living in a ‘little guys’ ‘two up, two down’. But we’ve all got to make a living somehow, and if as in Martin’s case it’s by saving people money, then well done.

In fact, he goes further than sending people emails notifying them of which store has the best reductions in fish fingers or the best deals for a weekend in Prague. He actively played a part in helping to people to reclaim ‘unfair’ charges on late payments for credit cards. And, he continues to give advice on how to avoid ‘spiraling debt’ (most people are in debt of one form or another, but making sure that it doesn’t ‘spiral’ is one of the biggest problems).

So why was he in Point Bingo in Bracknell? On one level we have to sadly report that he wanted to meet old people, and going with the national cultural stereotype, he chose a bingo hall – a perception that currently plagues the land based bingo industry. But we can’t blame Martin for that, as he was merely thinking what a lot of people think: bingo equals blue rinse.

We are however pleased to report that he was there with fellow presenter and The Apprentice runner-up Saira Khan to advise the elderly on how to save money. This was a smart move on Martin’s part, as it meant he got to chat with ‘real people’, as it is so easy to become distanced from the people you represent when you’re caught up in the ‘celebrity whirlwind’.

The elderly are overly represented in the poverty stakes in this country. And, with the greedy energy providers constantly putting up prices and not passing on cuts in oil prices the elderly are some of the worst hit. So, any help that they can get we applaud, as, we will all be old one day; most of us without a chauffeur to ferry us back and forth between shopping in Bond Street and a servant prepared log fire (except those of us fortunate enough to marry the CEO of a national energy provider). Well done Martin.

We are not sure how the meeting went at the bingo hall and we’d love to know if he managed to help any one with money saving. Were you there when Martin visited the club? Did you meet him? What did he say? Please leave a comment below if you met Martin or Saira.

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