Prize Money Galore At Mecca Bingo In Blyth

We get a lot of comments on this site about bingo clubs across the UK. The comments take various forms: often complimentary, sometimes complaining, and one of the more common complaints is about prize money. It seems that from a player’s perspective there are two main ingredients which every club should have; friendly and helpful staff, and, ‘fair access’ to good prize money.

Quite often we hear from players who will stop playing at a club they’ve been going to for years simply because another club up the road has increased players’ chances of winning prizes. It seems that loyalty can come with a price tag.

One club that has definitely got the prize side of things right is Mecca Bingo in Blyth. In the first six months of this year they paid out over £1 million in prize money. Manager Andy Hubbard pointed out that people find it surprising that they can win a lot of money whilst having loads of fun. More.

This ties in with our theory that the two most important elements of a successful club are the staff, and the prizes. For the players to have fun the staff have to be friendly, as there is nothing like ‘sourpussed’ unhelpful staff for putting a damper on the game. Other elements include; the price and quality of the food and drink on offer, accessibility of the venue, and ticket prices.

Some players do get a bit upset about eBingo terminals which they see as giving players with a larger bankroll an unfair advantage over less affluent players. Some clubs are dead against the machines, and actively market themselves as ‘traditional halls’ in an effort to draw customers into what they see as ‘fairer clubs’.

Mecca Bingo in Blyth has 40 EBingo terminals, but with seating for over a thousand players, the ratio of manual to electronic bingo isn’t too bad. We haven’t had any comments on our Mecca Blyth page yet, so we don’t know what players think of the club, but, at least there haven’t been any complaints, and if there are any disgruntled players, they are unlikely to be complaining about the prize money. Well done, Andy Hubbard.

We’ve based our ideas about what ‘makes’ a good bingo club on the comments that we regularly receive about bingo clubs up and down the country, and our own experience of playing. Have we missed out on something? Is there another majorly important element? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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