Gavin Henson Defended By Brits Bingo

There are many online bingo sites that have used celebrities to endorse their product; we have seen Jordan front Foxy Bingo in the past, Vic Reeves was once the face of 888 Ladies and Gavin Henson is the face of Brits Bingo. Today saw the news that Nestle have dropped Mr Henson for their marketing following his “drunken behaviour” on a plane. Not only was he dropped from the Nestle marketing but he has also been sacked by the Cardiff Blues.

What we found rather extraordinary in the news from Wales Online was that they referred to Brits Bingo as “one of the most popular and prominent online bingo sites in the UK”. This is more than a little wishful thinking on Brits Bingo’s part!

Whilst Brits Bingo have, in the past, tried to make themselves stand out from the Dragonfish crowd they really can’t make claim to being up there with the likes of big bingo names like Foxy, Tombola, Jackpot Joy and many others and when was the last time we saw a Brits Bingo advert on television?

In the news piece the director of Brits Bingo, Anthea Michael, goes on to wax lyrical about what a wonderful father, lovely gentleman and all round nice guy Gavin is but it seems to me that this is just a case of Brits Bingo trying to get a little free marketing by airing their opinion of the fallen star.

Personally, having been on a plane with drunken people, I think Nestle have had the right idea in dropping him but Brits Bingo will continue using Gavin as the face of their brand.

Here’s one of the old commercials from Brits Bingo featuring Mr Henson:


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