Schoolgirl Giggles Over Bald Knob Bingo

A lot of my free time, and even some of the time that should be spent doing other things, is spent looking for all things bingo related and some of the things I find literally have me giggling like a school girl. The latest was a new piece from Post Crescent that was simply titled “Gambling worries prompt Bald Knob bingo ban” – come on, be honest – even you sniggered when you read that.

I’ve come across many a thing in my time in the bingo industry but the title has to have been the best for conjuring up images in my head that are probably best not aired. Yes, it was the Bald Knob part that had me spitting my drink over the monitor but then the bingo game running through my head just wouldn’t let up. It was like one of those annoying tunes you cannot shake and find yourself humming…

The story in question refers to the Bald Knob City Council (a city in White County, Arkansas, USA) approving a ban on bingo games that have cash prizes after concerns were raised with reference to senior citizen gambling issues. The bingo games were run by the White County Aging Program and attracted players from nearby Searcy. Bingo is still allowed to be played but cash prizes are no longer able to be offered.

Now I’m not going into details of the images the title conjured up for me but I did think it was worth sharing with our readers even if it just put a smile on your face for a moment or two.

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