Mecca Bingo Positive About New Clubs And Trading

One of the highlights of the 4th Online Bingo Summit for me was the talk given by Angus Nisbit of Mecca Bingo, in which he spoke about Mecca’s growing ability to promote between their online and retail arms. During the talk he gave a glowing insight into the success of the new concept club Mecca Beeston, and how it had exceeded expectations and was continuing to do so.

There’s news from the Press Association that Mecca Bingo are ‘pinning their hopes’ on these new clubs, and their plans for more of them in the near future. In December, the Catford Mecca in South London will be relaunched under this new format, and there are 3 more new ‘Full House’ clubs planned for 2010. I’m not sure if these are completely new clubs or improvements to existing ones, but one things for sure, it seems that these Bingo 2.0 clubs are here to stay and could just save the future of the game (but I’ve been saying that here for years…)

Given Gala Bingo’s torrid time recently, it’s good to see trading stabilising for Mecca Bingo. There’s further good news from Reuters today that sales have been up 2% for the group in the last 14 weeks. According to the article, the groups shares have raised 32% since the start of the year, so although things are still tough for the retail industry, at least it seems to be improving slightly for Mecca at least. Still, the rise in the numbers of new clubs is yet to get any where close to matching the current number of closing clubs. If this new bingo entertainment really takes off though, that’s a real distinct possibility.

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