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Well, it’s been a long hard Summer for me, with my adventures taking me away from bingo and in to completely new areas. As a result, things have been on the quiet side around here, but now I’m getting back to it and catching up with it all. I actually took time out of my usual web based job to work on the production of a feature film, which we shot back at the end of June, beginning of July.

The post production work has keep me full time busy too, along with trying to keep my web business running. I know I mentioned it to a lot of people at the 4th Online Bingo Summit the week before we started shooting, so for those of you who are interested, you can see more detail on the film and a short trailer at the official Devil’s Bridge film site.

Speaking of the 4th Online Bingo Summit, I actually wrote a large portion of my reporting on the way back from the event. I’ll shortly finish that off and get it up for those interested in my coverage of what’s for me the highlight of the bingo year. I’ll drop a blog post when it’s finished and ready for consumption.

Thankfully during my absence, Brett has been doing a fine job of keeping up with a lot of the important stories in the retail space. Bingo Supermarket have also been coming up with the goods in a major way with some great scoops from the land of retail. I’d heartily recommend heading over there and grabbing their RSS feed, as the site continues to be a goldmine of great coverage of the retail bingo world.

Sadly, there’s been a lot of bad news in the few months since I posted last, for the retail trade at least. Reports of job losses and club closures have continued to flow in at a steady rate. Whilst I haven’t been keeping up with the news here, there have been new pages added in the Lost Halls section as I’ve spotted them. There’s a whole new load of them to come the next week or so with Gala and Top Ten closing clubs the last couple of weeks.

There’s been a lot going on in the online world too, with lots of interesting stories breaking around online bingo bonus offers and the Advertising Standards Authority, the rise of free bingo and the sale of the UK’s best known bingo network Cashcade. It’s been a busy few months – and with lots of change ahead, it looks set to be even more busy. I’ll try and keep things going here and add my usual brand of opinion and insight as they do.

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