Mecca Bingo Branching Out – Rock N Roll And Teacher Bingo

A couple of nice little stories today that would indicate Mecca Bingo are thinking a bit outside the box and expanding the ways they market the game and broaden its appeal. First up, news from Leeds that Mark Walsh has invented what sounds like a cross between bingo and pop-quizzes, Rock And Roll Bingo. The game sees the numbers replaced with snatches of music, with 90 audio clips, and cards having song names rather than numbers.

It’s an interesting little twist that’s intrigued Mecca Bingo enough that they’re going to testing the game next month at their Nottingham club (Beeston?). I can see it being a great success as a pub game, but if it works in a bingo hall, that would surprise me. I suppose instead of your normal coloured book pages, you could have a different set of 90 songs for each game, and then do them like ‘Number Ones Of The Fifties’ or ‘One Hit Wonders’ instead of the old boring yellow and blue page. I’m also guessing the Random Number Generator for these games will be an iPod playlist set to shuffle, if more than one CD is needed! It’s an interesting idea, we’ll see how it takes off.

In other news, you have to applaud Mecca Bingo’s attempts to get ’em whilst they’re young. News that teachers should play bingo in school to ensure the good behaviour of their pupils has been seized upon by Mecca. Teachers in Luton can get calling lessons from the Skimpot Road Mecca Bingo. The first ones to take lessons will also get bingo books to take back and use for the children. Those that know what a book and numbers looks like, that is…

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