Mecca Bingo 2.0 – New Club At Beeston

It’s good to see Mecca Bingo are fighting back against the malaise in the retail industry, bucking the trend of club closures and the lack of imagination in where to take the game. Their prime weapon is a new club to be opened in Beeston, Nottingham. This is what they have to say about it:

We’ve added even more excitement to a night on the numbers. Think bingo at its best, then add a great big helping of MORE – more entertainment, more great value food and drink, more laughs, more choice and of course, more bingo!

If you visit the Mecca Bingo site you can see a mock up of the new club, and from what I can see, it looks like the focus is to make the club more of a cabaret venue than just a bingo club. It all looks exciting and new, with areas of the club segmented off for other purposes and usage. I’m not sure when it’s due to open, but it looks like Mecca are trying hard to break the game from its traditional environment and schedule with this new club. For that they should be commended, and hopefully this move will pay off for them. I believe it will, but time will tell.

Now, a while back I posted about the Underground Rebel Bingo Club and its more cabaret approach to the game and how it was such a hit with a younger generation. It seems Mecca were thinking the same and well ahead of me on that. A little birdie tells me that whilst trialling some of the concepts for this new club in existing clubs, some of the people involved in the development of Beeston attended the Underground Rebel Bingo Club for inspiration.

I’m certain that Beeston will not go as far as the Undeground Rebel Bingo Club in its attempts to liven up the game and appeal to a new generation as the chances are that would impact too much on the retail imperatives of such a big club. I do hope this venture succeeds for Mecca, but I do have concerns that it might still be a bit too old school despite its modern trappings. This is one I will be watching with interest. It would be great to get up the club when it opens and see how it all works, but in the meantime I’ll just wish Mecca Bingo well with their new concept for bingo.

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