From The Dragon’s Den To Bingo Espanol

One of the TV highlights from 2007 was seeing online bingo in the spotlight on my favourite show Dragon’s Den. I had the pleasure of meeting Emmie from the team that pitched on the show at the 3rd Online Bingo Summit last Summer. Needless to say I brought up Dragon’s Den and discussed how well it had worked out for them. At the time the show aired (and prior to it) I remember being quite sceptical that their model would be successful as it centred around people downloading a desktop toolbar to the computers. Well it seems that my theories panned out, I spotted this report from the Hereford Times about the pair, and it confirms it.

It’s an interesting read from the my perspective as we both promote online bingo. The article says the team had ‘mixed success’ with the Gaming Alerts product, and as a result ended up completely starting from scratch and focusing on advertising and building new sites. It seems that I was right, people did not want to download the toolbar. Previously it was the main focus of their site, but now they’re concentrating more on a newsletter and forum rather than pushing the download.

The piece also goes on to mention that the team are taking a gamble on a Spanish site. A lot of people who’ve been working the UK market are starting to move into the Spanish market thanks to it’s continued growth. Pundits have compared it to the UK market 4 years ago, which means there’s lots of potential for growth these coming years. I’ve even got my own Spanish bingo domain that I want to develop at some point! Still it was interesting to catch up with what’s been happening since the appearance on the show – I wonder if Theo Paphitis thinks his £200,000 was well spent? If their Spanish adventure takes off, then I’m sure he will.

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