Bingo News – Buckingham & Riva Bingo To Merge, St Minver Jackpot Mess Up

A couple of stories that have landed in my inbox the last week, both of which featured on a new site called Bingo News. Credit where it’s due, I only spotted this site the last few weeks, but it’s been proving itself a useful resource for information on the world of Bingo. If you like to keep up with stories and fancy a more regular supply of news snippets than I provide, then it’s well worth adding to your bookmarks and rss feeds.

The site has had a few stories I’ve not seen elsewhere yet, two of which I’m going to mention quickly here. It will be interesting to see how Bingo News grows, as so far the quality of reportage is pretty high. I think they could benefit from developing a bit more of an editorial voice and opinion, but so far things are very promising.

The first of the stories that I want to mention is one about the possible merger of Buckingham Bingo and Riva Bingo. I’ve not seen the news featured elsewhere, and the source is described as ‘an insider’ but if it the case, it is of significant note to retail Bingo fans. It seems the merger is far from certain, but to my mind it makes sense for some of these smaller chains to merge together to make themselves stronger in the current trading climate. It will be interesting to see if this one pans out or not.

Another story revolves around a prize mix up at sites powered by the St Minver network on New Year’s eve. For a brief few minutes a technical fault gave line winners up to £11,000 for their line wins (not bad as the full house was only around £25). When they spotted the error, the accounts were suspended, the players notified and given £50 as compensation.

Brands on the St Minver site include Littlewoods, Daily Mail Bingo and Virgin Bingo, none of whom sound like they’re happy about what happened. I think the players are probably feeling a bit hard done by too, and wishing they had been with Foxy Bingo instead, who honoured their own mistake on a £50,000 game that should have only been for £500.

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