ITV’s Bingo Night Live Sets World Record

The late night show on ITV Bingo finally gave away its Golden Jackpot, which has steadily been growing since the show started earlier this year. The prize of £60,000 was won on Friday by Michael from Margate, and in the process the show set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Online Bingo Game. The jackpot give away brought in 59,392 players (self-included), each of which will receive a certificate by email to show their participation in the record attempt.

It was good to see the jackpot given away in this fashion, because to be frank, I think the chances of someone getting a house in 32 numbers is pretty slim, even with those sort of numbers of players. It will also be interesting to see if anyone else out there is able to match those sort of figures with an online game in the near future. For all the success of the show, I think ITV must be disappointed about how it’s fed into their own commercial online bingo site. The times I’ve checked in there’s only ever been around 50 players per room. Given the amount of publicity their offering gets with the show and its site, I think that’s a pretty poor amount of players.

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