The End Of The Day Cliché Awards – Online Bingo Advert Clichés

Sigh… There’s been a whole slew of Bingo adverts on the TV recently, and not a single one of them has managed to move me to write anything positive about them. Instead all I’m seeing is cliché after cliché trotted out to try and inspire me to try one cookie cut Bingo site after another. For fun I was going to try and set up a Bingo ticket you could print off and use during the TV adverts, so you could tick off the clichés and try to get a line during you’re evenings viewing. Given the amount of adverts on it wouldn’t have been a hard thing to do!

Ok, rather than make a Bingo ticket, I’ll instead inaugurate the first of an occasional awards ceremony, named after my pet hated verbal cliché, The End Of The Day Cliché Awards. First up a list of the clichés these sites continue to unimaginatively fill the airways with. The adverts further convince me that many in the online bingo world would do well to spend a lot of time in the retail game, getting to actually know what Bingo’s about and the game’s mechanics. Each cliché is worth a point, and following my list of annoying clichés, I’ll add a number of recent online bingo adverts and see how many ‘End Of The Day Cliché’ points they earn, to find the champion…

Cliché 1 – The Bored Housewife

She’s normally sat with a laptop, waiting for the lacklustre partner, or relative to allow them the release they need. The Bingo release.

Cliché 2 – Bingo Balls

You can’t be an online bingo site without Bingo balls. Don’t worry that no Bingo club has used them for 3 decades and more, they are an integral part of marketing online bingo. And before anyone points out, yes I know I use them here too. Let’s face it, they’re a lot more on message than a RNG, but given the nature of TV, something else could be done other than using Bingo balls. One point awarded to me. :)

Cliché 3 – Bingo Rhymes

Something else that hasn’t reared its head in decades when it comes to retail Bingo, the number rhymes, two fat ladies and all that clickety click.

Cliché 4 – Women!

Because as you well know if you’ve followed this site, men don’t play Bingo, do they?

Cliché 5 – The Lacklustre Partner

The perfect foil to The Bored Housewife, the lacklustre partner is so uninspiring he / she / they drive her to the laptop for a round of online bingo.

Cliché 6 – The Orgasm

Yes! Yes! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! It seems when you win at online bingo, you get to re-enact the famous café scene from When Harry Met Sally. Rarely seen at a retail hall, it’s the staple response to winning in the world of the online game.

Cliché 7 – The Free Play Offer

Okay, maybe not so much of a cliché as a frustratingly misleading marketing ploy, especially when it gives the impression that a deposit bonus is a non-deposit bonus, when that’s not the case.

Cliché 8 – Pink

Because pink is the colour most likely to make people play online bingo, the more shocking the pink the more likely to draw them in.

Cliché 9 – The Party Mob

Like you see outside a Bingo hall every night of the week, a mass of happy, dancing people (usually ladies) that fill he street, stopping traffic and having a good old time on their way to Bingo.

The Videos

Ok, you’ve had the clichés that annoy me, so now here’s the videos, some recent releases and a couple of old faithful. I’ll tot up the scores after each video to see who wins.

Love Bingo

The latest advert to hit the TVs of the UK, and frankly the one that pushed me over the edge. Let’s see what we have, The Bored Housewife, The Lacklustre Partner, Bingo Balls, Free Play, Women, and a touch of The Orgasm (when she sees the majesty of Love Bingo for the first time) and a fair bit of Pink. It’s truly like the advert people looked at all the annoying Bingo ads before and took a piece from each to make this ‘un.

Cliché Points Awarded: 7

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ok, so what have we got here? Bingo Balls for starter, and it’s telling that whilst men might push the balls, the music and the occupants are firmly feminine earning a Women point. There’s a Party Mob feel and the men are pretty much Lacklustre Partners as none of them are in the exciting ball things. At least they’re honest about the Free Play offer though, so kudos for that.

Cliché Points Awarded: 4

Wink Bingo

Oh dear, a Lacklustre Partner is left in the lurch by his Bored Housewife (with the twist of her being in an internet café.) Luckily the café location affords her a good chance to practice The Orgasm. There’s Pink on display, and Bingo Balls for additional points. The Free Play offer is at least a genuine offer so it saves a point there.

Cliché Points Awarded: 5

Bet 365 Bingo

Bingo Balls for heads. Ok, at least they’re men and women ball heads which is something, but still – Bingo Balls?

Cliché Points Awarded: 1

Think Bingo

Pink! Women! Bingo Balls! Party Mob! Free Play! This one really makes my skin crawl every time I see it, a really off putting advert.

Cliché Points Awarded: 5

Tombola Bingo

Overall a nice catchy advert that fails to mine the usual clichés and instead focuses on its fun element with lots of Bingo Balls. Oh.

Cliché Points Awarded: 1

Foxy Bingo

The Foxy advert really goes for it’s clichés with both hands. Let’s see, we’ve got a Party Mob, Bingo Rhymes, Women, Lacklustre Partners (the men aren’t a part of the action), lots of Pink, £10 Free Play (when you deposit) and just in case you’re not won over, it rains Bingo Balls.

Cliché Points Awarded: 7

William Hill Bingo

And she’s back. The Bored Housewife with the Lacklustre Partner, mercifully though there’s no Pink, but you do get the feeling it’s all about Women (as men only watch soccer) and a win gives her a great chance to practice The Orgasm.

Cliché Points Awarded: 4

The Result

Well, when I set out to do this, I didn’t know how well it would turn out and whot the winners would be. As it turns out, it’s a split win – both with 7 out of 9 available points, the first The End Of The Day Cliché Award goes to Love Bingo and Foxy Bingo. Well done, congratulations! In future, I think I will judge all future TV Bingo adverts by these criteria. :)

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