£600 Million Spent On Online Bingo In The UK?

The online bingo comparison site Bingo Port has released an interesting set of figures around the sales of online bingo tickets in the UK. They’ve set about researching the UK Bingo market, an area where there’s few definite figures that quantify the size of the market, with the aim of finding out how much the UK spends on Bingo tickets each year. Whilst there is a lot of guesstimation and supposition in their report, the underlying rationale looks pretty solid.

They came up with their own figure of £600 million being spent on Bingo tickets in a year. Personally I think that’s very conservative, my own quick guess based on a snapshot of online players at present (around 7,000) times an average game value of £1 sees the figure rise to over £735 million in a year, but that’s a very simple estimate on my behalf.

The figures Bingo Port have to work with are pretty impossible, with some people maxing out cards in games, others playing a standard strip of 6, the variance in figures soon becomes apparent, and that’s why I believe it’s a very conservative estimate. That said, until operators start sharing these sort of figures, these sort of estimates will have to do.

What ever the actual figure, the growth and market is pretty huge, and not set to slow despite the ongoing credit crunch. There was also interesting figures around market share, with no run away leader in the field. They believe the Sun Bingo is still the biggest attraction for Bingo players with around a 19% share. It seems big brands still lead the way, with Mecca, Gala and Foxy Bingo all having a strong showing in the field as well. It makes for an interesting read, and will be interesting to see if these figures are echoed in the sessions at next weeks Online Bingo Summit in London.

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