ITV’s Bingo Night Live Starts On The 4th June

It feels like ages ago I first mentioned that Bingo Night Live was coming to the UK, but finally the show airs for the first time on Wednesday the 4th of June. Initially there was little detail about the programme’s format, but according to What’s On TV’s feature on it, the UK show does sound like the same format as the US and Australian National Bingo Night shows. I’ll be tuning in on Wednesday to check-out the show, and if you enjoy a game of Bingo, so should you! It’s free for all to play, like the international versions, you will be able to print off free tickets and play along at home.

The show will be presented by Melinda Messenger and Michael Underwood, as well as featuring a statistician called Nichola Dixon. It’s on ITV at midnight every evening between Tuesday and Saturday, and you will be able to print off your tickets to play the games from the ITV website. I have to say that 5 shows per week seems a lot to keep up with, but I’m sure it will soon get a loyal following of late night Bingo fans.

It will be interesting to see how the show goes down in the UK. I sort of have the feeling if it’s successful in this time slot, it may get bumped up in the schedule, with maybe a once weekly prime-time show. This is just a guess, but given the nation’s ongoing appetite for Bingo, I can see it being a big success. What would be finer for the game than to have families sat in front of their TV’s with their markers and cards!

I don’t think that retail Bingo has anything to fear from the new competition. On the contrary, it could certainly help to get non-traditional players interested in visiting their local Bingo halls to try it for real. Let’s hope it goes well for the show and it doesn’t go the way of the American version which was cancelled after one season. Given the amount of Bingo in the UK media though, I think a UK audience will be much more appreciative and willing to participate.

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